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Our Story

We are artists on a slow travel journey exploring different landscapes and cultures throughout the world. We are originally from Saint Louis, Missouri and moved to Los Angeles, California and while on a trip visiting friends in Asia, we decided to leave our old conventional life to live as digital nomads.

For the past 9 years, we have been slowly traveling and living in villages, towns, and cities throughout South East Asia, Oceania, Mexico, and Europe. 

We are just a couple of traveling artists who love to hang out, talk, and create. We fell in love while sitting in two chairs talking for hours which eventually turned into days, months, and years.

We decided that no matter where we are in the world, as long as we have two chairs and the continued desire to find the answer to the age-old unattainable philosophical question “What is a good life?” then we are content. 

I am a poet and Bob is an animator/video editor/director, so we decided we could work from anywhere and set out on an adventure. Along the way, we’ve gotten closer—really really really close, because lack of funds can often lead to tight quarters and we have lived in some very tiny rooms over the years. And believe me when I say, much of the mystery is gone…

TravelArtistsHub highlights our journey, encounters, and knowledge gained on our adventures and humorous (but not always) misadventures. We have found not all travel journeys are so happy-go-lucky because let’s face it, shit happens—life and death, health issues, lack of funding, politics, weather, and natural disasters. Change is happening constantly and sometimes it is not so glamorous and fun—so we don’t shy away from sharing those moments as well.

We find that living in local communities and in one place for a longer period of time gives us more opportunities for getting a sense of the land, meeting new people, gaining wider perspectives, and understanding of how individuals and communities live—truly live, day-to-day. And sometimes, you find those dark narrow alleys hold a world of wonderful smells and flavors and secret doors seem to open to fantastical local restaurants and occasionally even homes. 

Most often, we have found that we have so many similarities, and so much in common with those we meet that we instantly have a bond of sister and brotherhood wherever we go–full of smiles + laughter, welcoming arms, and friendship; which in turn has ultimately made us better global citizens.

The Vision

TravelArtistHub is a space to share our experiences and encounters through our stories, poetry + prose, photography, videos, and ponderings as we visit new countries, cultures, artists, artist-in-residencies, collaborate on art projects, finish writing our books, and continue creating artwork.

Most importantly, we want to present amazing featured artists and creative folks with whom we have connected and to bring their writings, artwork, food + drinks, music, photography, videos, and voices to a wider audience.

Our Future Plans

We are open to wherever the River takes us and plan on continuing our travels connecting and working internationally with creative individuals and groups that offer outreach and interaction with local and larger communities that focus on projects promoting positive social, economic, and environmental awareness, and sustainable change. 

Art, food, and music are said to bring people together. Creatives seem to be the cross-cultural connectors and builders of bridges that bring the people of the world closer. We are drawn to other artists, and we have found that meeting other artists has had a positive influence on us personally and on our artwork as well.

We hope that by sharing these stories and artworks that you too will enjoy exploring these creative gifts and that one day you may travel and venture out to discover new artists and cultures for yourself.

Who Are We


I am a published poet, activist, producer, photographer, and received a BA in Communications from the University of Colorado and an MSW from Saint Louis University.

Worked as a social worker on the streets, in homeless shelters, and at community support agencies counseling women, men, and children and those experiencing homelessness, mental and physical health issues, substance abuse, domestic violence, and transitioning out of prison, until I became disabled in 2004 after a car accident. 

I then studied under the renowned Welsh-American poet, scholar, and bard Jon Dressel for seven years. I continue to be actively engaged with various art & literary groups and communities, and am a member of St. Louis (Un)Stable Writers and Beyond Baroque in Los Angeles. I have hosted, co-hosted, produced, and emceed many literary shows and events, most notably, Poems, Prose and Pints and 100 thousand Poets for Change, and have performed in shows and events nationally and internationally.  

Currently, I’m working on travel art books, children’s books, screenplays, a musical, and several books of poetry. For more details about me please visit my website kmsharp1111.com


My background includes a BFA in Fine Arts from Syracuse University, MA in Philosophy from the University of Missouri, taught at Washington University, and currently I am a freelance remote Animator/Instructional Designer at an Ed-tech in San Francisco.

I am also the owner of the post-production house, Moth Studios and have been involved in a personal exploration in creativity, at times acting as a Creative Director, Editor, Director, Animator, and Multimedia Programmer.

Most notably, I have edited an award-winning documentary and a feature film. Technically, I am fluent in many motion graphics, animation, and editing software and have created websites, multimedia experiences, sets, displays, and museum exhibits.

I have also been involved in the Art world with solo exhibits and group exhibits in St Louis, New York, Miami, New Zealand. Currently, my interests are focused on the intersection of technology, society, and culture and I continue to work during my travels on culturally influenced charcoal sketches, paintings, and 3-D sculptures. For more details about me please visit my post-production house website mothstudios.com and portfolio robert-silvey.com and view my artwork at rbramsilvey.com, and if you want to know what I find interesting check out my Flipboard Magazine FORM.


If you are interested in connecting, working with us or would like to be a featured travel artist on our blog. Please feel free to contact us at travelartistshub@gmail.com

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See you soon!

🙂 🙂

Kristin Sharp and Bob Silvey