We were on a visa run from Bali to Kuala Lumpur and decided to take a long walk.

We noticed a charming building with colonial architecture called The Majestic Hotel and decided to take a peak.

It was lovely but out of our price range, so we opted to have a pot of tea and rest a bit in The Tea Lounge. The aircon was excellent and it was a nice place to sit on a hot day. The orchid room was particularly breathtaking…

The Orchid Conservatory

Islamic Art Museum Malaysia

After cooling down, we continued our walk and noticed the Islamic Art Museum Malaysia. We had a friend, who spoke at great length about Islamic tile and how she loved to photograph them and over the years had collected quite a few pics.

We ventured in to see the latest collection of Contemporary Muslim Calligraphy. It was really astounding. There were large-format paintings that seem to spiral into infinity. Such beautiful brush strokes, I am afraid the pictures do not do them justice.

There was also geometric drawing explaining the mathematics behind the Islamic mosaic tiles. I found these particularly intriguing.

After exploring, we had an awesome Middle Eastern lunch at the beautiful IAMM Museum Restaraunt. It was pretty much a perfect afternoon.

This is such a brief overview, I am really only hinting at all of the wonderful things to see: jewelry, textiles, ceramics, historical clothing, architecture and so much more. We learned so much about Islamic history and left with a new found understanding and appreciation of how all cultures and religions influence one another, and how interconnected we all are on this funny round ball we call–Earth.

I highly recommend if you are in Kuala Lumpur to check out the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia.

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  1. It was pretty cool. Hard to do justice to the scope of the exhibit. Thanks for the support!

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