We arrived in Bali and checked in to our room on Berawa beach at night. In the morning, we woke up to a scene from Jurassic Park. There was a giant Octopus on the beach!

From the back of the house we were staying, we could see the majestic creature’s tentacles spread out on the beach as if reaching for the sea. It was probably close to thirty feet in height and the tentacles stretched down the beach.

I read that the Octopus was being created for the Berawa Beach Art Festival and the theme was “Deep Blue Spirit–representing a spirit of consciousness that comes from the sea.” Also, they hoped the installation would bring more awareness to the area and encourage the importance of preserving the ocean.

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The Balinese artists are known for their weaving and bamboo work. Workers scurried about working at an incredible speed, high on scaffolding creating and weaving the Octopus with long bamboo strands.

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Throughout the week, we watched more sculptures being created with blowtorches welding metal and forms woven together with cuts of bamboo. Then, more art pieces starting popping up on the beach by the Octopus, as everyone prepared for the festival.

Unfortunately, we had to move on before the Octopus was finished, so we don’t have pictures of the finished work. But we heard that on the last evening of the art festival, they were going to light the Octopus on fire. But we cannot confirm this…

Bali’s beaches are truly beautiful and it was a delight to have this giant majestic Octopus escorting us home as the sun went down.

If you want more info check out the Berawa Beach Art Festival website