Rain is a mirror 

reflecting a world of tears. 

This Change is ungovernable.

God help us all now,

we’ve lost our way.

And our leaders have failed

all the games they play.

It is time to save ourselves,

it is time to love one another.

There can be no other way,

no other chance, no other day.

This Change is unavoidable.

In no realm of existence,

despite moneyed interests’ persistence

is human life worth less than the economy.

In no realm of fantasyland

will the rich white entrenched political man

give us what we want and need.

It’s always been up to you and me.

This Change is inevitable.

Susan “Spit-Fire” Lively is a poet, spoken word artist, writer, photographer, visual artist, educator, and activist. She produces the Gender Violence Awareness series “Women For Peace” and the performing arts series“100 Thousand Poets & Musicians for Change – St. Louis”.

Here is the link to Susan’s new blog for artists “ART MATTERS”.