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For the past eight years, Bob and I have been digital nomads traveling all over the World together. It all started when we first met. One of the first things we initially liked about each other was that we both loved to travel. I had worked on a cruise line that sailed internationally and had lived in Colorado, and he had mountain biked a lot throughout Colorado and visited a few different countries, as well. We often dreamt and talked about where we wanted to go and travel together. 

travel together

Then on a whim, we drove down to Florida for a Christmas holiday. That New Year’s Eve, we heard on the news in our hotel room, a massive snowstorm was going to hit the Midwest, so we jumped back in the car for an 18-hour ride home to Saint Louis. 

Along the way, I was worried about telling Bob that I had to make a rest stop and waited painfully long. This was because I had some not-so-easy-going travel partners in the past. He was shocked that I didn’t tell him right away. He told me, he didn’t care if we stopped 100 times on the way and even encouraged me to drink as much coffee as I wanted. We laughed and sang our favorite songs at the top of our lungs and stopped every hour, all the way home. 

I could travel anywhere with this man

When we hit Illinois, our car slid and crawled along as it was clobbered by the heavy snow. Overall, it took us an additional 6 hours to get back. After we reached home, even though we were exhausted, we waded through the knee-high snow to go to the local pub. As we sat in the wooden booth reflecting on our fun trip, it suddenly dawned on me, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Bob and said to myself, I could travel anywhere with this man.

When we first started traveling, we would make plans and go on short trips to Florida, California, Mexico, and Jamaica but then I went through some health problems. This scared the hell out of both of us, and Bob sat me down and said, I don’t want to wait another moment to live our dreams. 

live full-time as nomads

So, we decided to go on a last-minute trip to Asia to visit friends. The trip was amazing, and we decided to try it again, but this time we would go for three months for a freelance job. During this visit, we started pondering the old philosophical question, What is a good life? And then we decided we wanted to find a way to live fulltime as nomads.

We went back home and packed up our belongings and rented out our house and moved to California and then took off for Asia again. Eventually, we returned and sold the house and became full-time travelers. We still call LA home but spend much of our time slow traveling and living in various countries throughout the World. 

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