Only the sound of 
 frogs + cicadas + lizards
 and temple songs 
 echoing across
 flooded rice fields 
 can be heard 
 at night
 It is truly magical–
 One late evening
 I was awakened
 by the Hindu villagers
 singing and celebrating
 their 10-day spiritual holiday
 Galungan to Kuningan
 I went out onto the deck 
 to listen
 The moon was 
 fully round
 The stars were 
 extra twinkly
 Swept up in 
 the moment
 I closed my eyes 
 to meditate
 and a huge light
 my third eye
 I was so 
 I started to question
 Could this wonderful event
 actually be happening?
 The light became so 
 brilliant bright
 I felt compelled to
 open my eyes
 When I did
 I found 
 in the center of
 my forehead — a firefly 
 I smiled 
 as he flew away

By KM Sharp