View from inside of Hubud

I have been going to Bali for about five years now. The first time, co-working had just started with Hubud being the only one, and I believe they had been open for less than a year. It was pretty impressive, open air, bamboo architecture and overall unlike anything I have ever experienced.

It was what made me think I could work from anywhere. I enjoyed the skill sharing and even attended a programming boot camp. The internet speed was good for Bali, but not great compared to what I had living in Los Angeles.

Fast forward to 2018, I returned to Bali, and things have grown. I stayed in the Canggu area. What was once a sleepy surf spot has now blossomed into what I would call a kind of a Boho chic foody haven. Now there are many Coworking places to choose from in town.

I checked out DojoBali on this trip. The internet speed is much better, and the space is full of eager workers with their headphones on, cranking out work. People are editing videos, creating cad drawings, digital media campaigns and programming. It’s pretty amazing.

Also, now a good deal of the cafes and coffee shops have good internet as well, so for the cost of a latte or a breakfast burrito you can get some work done, have something to eat, and be back at the beach by the afternoon.

Bali indeed is not a secret anymore in the digital nomad world, and it shows. If you can work remotely, it is easy to get yourself set up and running quickly there.

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