For years, I have wanted to go to Taipei and recently we had a chance to go for a short visit. We had a one-night stopover in Ximending on our way back to Los Angeles and I wanted to see as much as possible and had read that it is a fun place to walk around to see some exciting street art.

We stumbled through the streets and alleyways looking for the famous graffiti lane. We happened upon the Taipei Cinema Park and found walls covered in spraypainted art.

Then it started raining, and we were able to wander around with our umbrellas and take in the moody atmosphere.

I was impressed by the quantity and quality of the art. Every alley seems to offer up new little nuggets of art.

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Artist – Disk Graffiti

I especially liked this interpretation of Dr. Strange by Disk Graffiti. You can check out his Instagram here:

So much to see, I am not sure we got to see all this part of Taipei had to offer and it started raining harder and we got hungry and decided to go to the Modern Toilet restaurant. Which is another story for later…