***Warning: This blog post is full of TABOOs and to some folks it may even seem disgusting. Yes, some may call me immature and crude but I think it’s important to keep your child-like nature and I am a true believer in the basic fundamental fact that we all have one thing in common=EVERYONE POOPS! So, please view at your own risk and try not to giggle or laugh too loud because then people may ask you what you are looking at and you’ll have to tell them…***

While scanning the interwebs Bob found, what many of us in the (unofficial Scatological Society would call, a little nuggetThe Modern Toilet Restaurant. 

And I, being a huge lover of poo poo humor, just had to go and see this shit shrine for myself. 

(Right now as I write this, I am laughing so hard that I am tearing up + snorting and Bob says, “You are very amused with yourself.”)

When we arrived, we found ancient wall paintings depicting the way our ancestors had once taken a dump

or as my cousin and I like to say, doing the dookie dance

As we roamed the restaurant I was tickled by what I found.

The cute yet slightly disturbing wall decor and charming seating.

The fine details of interesting sculptures.

Clever and quite humorous mosaics.

Kitschy poopy stuff to buy.

We were seated at two finely made porcelain thrones. Then we were presented with menus that looked like toilet seat covers.

We looked through the many delicious but grossly described items—like The Constipation Black Stool Chocolate Snow Shavings… We reluctantly settled on the classic chocolate Swirly Poop Ice Cream and The Urine Clots Snow Shavings and they were actually pretty tasty. 

A few boys sitting next to us had ordered full meals served in mini toilets—the curry dish honestly made me feel a bit queasy. 

We all sat around looking at our toilet bowls, when one of the boys pointed at the curry meal and yelled out, “Looks like shit!!!” and we all fell out laughing. 

I have to say it was all in good fun but be prepared if you go for a visit to The Modern Toilet Restaurant you have to order 2 items off the menu. Hey, they have to charge to stay open so that weird goofy folks like us can feel like there’s a place in this world for us too. 

*Now on a more serious note, because let’s face it when am I ever going to be able to talk about this again…

Now I need to talk about how Western society has lost the fine art of dumping out with their Romanesque sitting on the pot. Only recently, have we found out through research that we had been doing it wrong all along. 

Studies have found that the way folks in Asia squat is the proper way of dropping a load or calling a CODE BROWN and is much healthier for our bodies. The latest marvel introduced is the Squatty Potty, a clever little design that you can put your feet up on to simulate the squatting position.

This little tweak to doing the daily doody has subsequently changed not only my life but many lives of those who suffer from IBS, intestinal + colon issues, and diseases.

Here are a couple of links to learn more about the Squatty Potty and the health benefits at Time.com and Healthline.com